Replicated Mirrors

Custom Replicated Mirrors

Replicated mirrors offer an attractive alternative to conventionally manufactured mirrors for those customers that require a cost-effective and repeatable high performance solution in production volumes.  Using our proprietary replication processes and materials, Holographix produces a wide variety of precision optical surfaces on metal, glass, ceramic, and plastic substrates, allowing the optical designer more choices when designing and optimizing their optical system.

Advantages of Replicated Mirrors Include:

  General Advantages

  • Freedom to select the most appropriate material for the mirror substrate (CTE matching, light-weighting, etc.)
  • Higher repeatability, compared to conventionally polished mirrors.
  • Higher production rates and lower cost compared to conventionally polished mirrors.

  Additional Advantages of Replicated METAL Mirrors

  • Simplified system design by building the mounting and alignment features into the substrate.
  • Ability to match CTE of mirror to chassis for thermal stability.
  • Reduced weight compared to glass mirrors.
  • Reduced risk of injury due to malleability of metals.
  • Simplified manufacturing and lower assembly costs through integration of mirror and mount.

  Additional Advantages of Replicated GLASS Mirrors

  • Aspherics are manufactured using low-cost, conventionally polished spherical blanks.
  • Direct replacement for conventionally polished glass mirrors.
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  • Military Optical Systems
  • Space-Based Systems
  • Galvanometer Systems
  • Spectrometer Systems
  • Gas Analyzer Systems

Solutions Include:

  • Off-axis Parabolic Mirrors
  • Lightweight Mirrors
  • Mirrors with Integrated Mounting Features
  • General Aspheric Mirrors

Holographix’ Replicated Mirror Manufacturing Capabilities:

The range of custom replicated mirror specifications that we can support include:

Specifications Capabilities
Wavelength range: 190 nm to 15 µm
Flatness/curvature: < 1/10 wave
Scratch/Dig: down to 20/10
Temperature range: -50° C to 200° C
Humidity range: 0 to 95% continuous
Chemical resistance: most common solvents


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Replicated Mirrors
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