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Design Technology

The engineering team at Holographix are experts in the design, development and manufacture of nano- and micro-patterned structures. Using their knowledge and experience, our engineers will develop a custom solution for you that is optimized for both performance and manufacturability. Holographix uses several different design and analytical software tools to model and optimize microlens arrays, optical diffusers, and diffraction gratings, to ensure that the most effective solutions are developed. Holographix also provides optical coating design and development services to further enhance the optical performance of our custom optical components and assemblies.

Holographix offers optical design support using the following software packages:

VirtualLab Fusion

Optical Design for Microlens Arrays and Diffractive Optical Elements


Optical Design for Diffraction Gratings, Microlens Arrays, and Optical Diffusers

PCGrate & GSolver

Grating Diffraction Efficiency Modeling


Thin Film Coating Design

SolidWorks & DraftSight

Opto-Mechanical Design

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Please Contact Our Experts to Discuss Your Requirements.


Please Contact Our Experts to Discuss Your Requirements.