Holographix at SPIE Photonics 2023

Holographix at SPIE Photonics 2023

Holographix’ Director of Business Development Jesse Van Ven Roy, and Director of Engineering Peter Kazlas, were interviewed at the Holographix booth at the SPIE Photonics West 2023 show in San Francisco. They were asked the following questions:

Question: How have the last twelve months been for Holographix and have you had any exciting news or announcements?
Peter Kazlas: In July of 2022 we were acquired by Headwall Photonics. They are leaders in master holographic gratings and hyperspectral imaging.
Jesse Van Ven Roy: There are a lot of synergies between the two companies and we’re really excited to work with them.

Question: What are the key application areas for Holographix?
Peter Kazlas: The three key application areas are in gratings – diffractive gratings and diffractive optical elements will be part of that, microlens arrays, and waveguides and other optical assemblies.

Question: What sort of people should be coming to find you at the show?
Peter Kazlas: People usually come to us with the more challenging programs, where other vendors perhaps can’t meet the requirements. We work with them from the prototype stage thru to production.
Jesse Van Ven Roy: We have the capability of bringing the costs down dramatically with our wafer-level technology . We can replicate many parts on one wafer and that scales into high-volume production. We’ve had great success working with Chief Engineers and experts on that subject matter. Our team is comprised of very technical engineers. There are a lot of specifications that really need to be ironed out right up front with making a master. All of this translates into very successful projects.

Question: What is next for Holographix?
Jesse Van Ven Roy: We’re really looking to grow our company pretty dramatically now that we’re part of Headwall Photonics. They’re looking to grow very quickly. We’re seeing a lot of new applications for microlens arrays, diffraction gratings, DOEs, and diffuser products. There are a lot of opportunities out there.