Nano Optics and Micro Optics

If You Require A Surface Relief Structure, Holographix Can Replicate It!

We specialize in the production of high fidelity surface relief structures using our state-of-the-art replication technology. Our proprietary cold forming replication process can replicate virtually any surface structure onto a variety of substrate shapes, sizes and materials. From lenslet arrays and sub-micron motheye structures to high-aspect-ratio diffraction gratings, we can reproduce the surface structure with such fidelity that the performance of the component in many cases equals the master it was derived from. Holographix replicates structures with pitches and depths ranging from less than 10 nm to more than 100 microns.

Applications Include:

  • Patterned quartz masks and silicon wafers
  • Microwells for microfluidic and other applications
  • Optical diffusers
  • Diffractive and refractive micro-optics
  • Waveguide structures
  • Motheye antireflection structures

Benefits Include:

  • Cost effective approach to both low or high volume production without compromising quality
  • Provides security for your initial investment through generation of replicated stamper and template tools
Nano Optics and Micro Optics Manufacturing