Nano-Imprint Templates

High Fidelity Surface Relief Structures

Working in conjunction with our mastering partners, Holographix produces replicated nano-imprint templates from patterned quartz or silicon masters providing cost-effective tools for the imprint lithography industry for fabrication of nano-structures.

Nano-Imprint Template Process

Why Replicated Templates?

Why risk your high-value quartz or silicon master when Holographix can produce 10s or 100s of replicated imprint  templates directly from your master for use in your imprint lithography application.

Holographix has the ability create imprint templates from almost any original media.  A surface relief pattern is all that is required!

Media we work with include:

  • E-beam written reactive ion etched silicon masters
  • E-beam written reactive ion etched quartz masters
  • Photoresist masters
  • Nickel stampers
  • PDMS molds

Benefits include:

  • No release agents required on master
  • Reduced risk to initial master investment
  • Repeatable, high-fidelity reproduction of master pattern
  • Template reproduction provides higher repeatability compared to master reproduction
  • Ability to create <50nm features sizes with aspect ratios >4:1
  • Ability to maintain Mesa structures throughout process
  • Exceptional durability and solvent resistance
Nano Imprint Template Image of Micro Fluidic Well

Micro-Fluidic Well

Nano Imprint Template of Diffractive Array

Diffractive Array

Micro Wells

Textured Micro Wells

Template Characteristics:

Specifications Capabilities
Feature resolution: >10 nanometers
Temperature range: -50° C to 200° C
Humidity range: 0 to 95% continuous
Chemical resistance: impervious to degradation by solvent,
acid, and alkaline environments


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Nano-Imprint Template
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Please Contact Our Experts to Discuss Your Requirements.