Microlens Arrays

Cost-Effective, High Performance Microlens Arrays

At Holographix, we design and produce cost-effective, high quality custom microlens arrays to customer specifications. We design and manufacture a wide range of microlens arrays, from basic spherical to more complex diffractive and aspheric profiles. Holographix’ microlens arrays are produced to submicron tolerances in a variety of shapes and packing configurations. Holographix differentiates itself from the competition by offering:

Cost-Effective Solutions:

Holographix’ replication process is economically scalable for volume manufacturing. Production quantities ranging from 100 individual components to 10,000 wafers per year can be accommodated.

A Range of Lenslet Materials:

Proprietary replication materials are available in refractive indices ranging from 1.52 to 1.68.

Wafer-Level Production: Learn More

200 mm and 300 mm diameter wafers are standard. Larger sizes and custom shapes are also supported.

Reflow Compatibility:

Suitable for assemblies requiring solder reflow.

Manufacturing Excellence:

High quality, custom microlens arrays with repeatable performance! Holographix is ISO 9001-2015 certified, and proudly manufactures all optical components in the USA.


Microlens arrays are increasingly becoming an integral part of new, state-of-the-art optical systems for a wide range of applications, including medical laser systems, light-field photography, and Heads-Up Displays (HUD). Devices that use microlens arrays include:

  • Confocal microscopes
  • Digital projectors
  • Display and HUD imaging systems
  • Light-field cameras and systems
  • Medical laser systems
  • Optical sensors
  • White light interferometers

Solutions Include:

  • Diffractive Microlens Arrays
  • Spherical Microlens Arrays
  • Aspheric Microlens Arrays
  • Anamorphic Microlens Arrays
  • Biconic Microlens Arrays
  • Toroidal Microlens Arrays
  • Freeform Microlens Arrays
  • Micromirror Arrays
  • Randomized Lenslet Arrays (Diffusers)
  • Cylindrical Microlens Arrays
  • Acylindrical Microlens Arrays
  • Close-packed Hexagonal and Square Microlens Arrays
  • Microlens Arrays Fabricated on Glass, Metals, and Plastics

Why choose Holographix as your Supplier?

Holographix has the capability and experience to deliver to our customers cost-effective, high quality custom microlens array solutions. Holographix builds on 25 years of experience meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations, by providing cutting-edge products, on-time and on-budget. Let our engineering team help you turn your microlens array specifications into a successful product.

Microlens Array Design and Development

Holographix possesses a solid foundation in the design, development and manufacture of nano- and micro-patterned surface relief structures. This knowledge allows us to help you design your microlens array component or sub-assembly for both optimum performance and manufacturability. To ensure that the most effective solutions are developed, Holographix uses several different design and analytical software tools to model and optimize microlens array designs.

Learn more about Holographix' Design and Development capabilities

A Full Range of Microlens Array Master Patterning Options

Holographix works closely with patterning industry leaders, often pushing the boundaries of what is possible in microlens array mastering. We offer access to a full range of advanced mastering options including greyscale lithography, laser writing, and e-beam writing, ensuring that the proper technology is used for your application.

Learn more about Holographix' Master Patterning capabilities

High Fidelity Microlens Array Replication

Holographix offers high fidelity, custom replicated microlens array solutions. Our proprietary replication process provides a cost-effective alternative to competing manufacturing processes. The inherent repeatability of the replication process also eliminates inconsistencies associated with other forms of production.

Learn more about Holographix' Replication capabilities

Holographix' Microlens Array Specifications:

The range of custom microlens array specifications that we can support include:


Specifications Capabilities
Array size: areas up to 600 mm x 350 mm
Individual lenslet size: <1um to >1mm
Individual lenslet profile: refractive or diffractive, aspheric, conic, or anamorphic
Individual lenslet sag: <1 µm to >100 µm
Substrate material: most glass and plastic types
Array distribution: square, hexagonal, or unique
Fill factor: up to 99%
Optical transmission: >99% from 420 nm to 2.2 µm
Refractive index: 1.52 to 1.68 (multiple materials available)
Temperature range: -50º C to 260º C (solder reflow compatible)
Damage threshold: >1 MW/cm²
Chemical resistance: most common solvents


Microlens Arrays Brochure


Wafer-Level Optics Brochure


Whether you require a custom microlens array or an entire microlens array-based optical system, please contact us with your questions and requirements, and we will be happy to assist you.

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