Holographix partners with industry leading mastering facilities, often pushing the boundaries to create state-of-the-art custom diffraction gratings, microlens arrays, and other surface relief optics. We offer access to a full range of advanced options including greyscale lithography, holography, laser writing, and e-beam writing, ensuring that the proper technology is used for your application.

Master Diffraction Gratings

The production of master diffraction gratings requires significant experience, innovation, and painstaking attention to detail. We use our unsurpassed grating design and fabrication knowledge to work with our partners to produce state-of-the-art custom gratings including:

  • Transmission and reflection gratings
  • Beam splitters
  • Low polarization dependent loss gratings
  • Convex and concave gratings
  • Complex aspheric gratings
  • Multi-dimensional gratings
  • Motheye and other micro- and nano-structures

Master gratings have been designed and produced for use in the most demanding applications.

Our staff of experienced scientists and engineers has a proven track record of developing rapid solutions to unique challenges whether it is the design of a custom grating or an entire grating-based system. Through cutting-edge design, experience, and innovation, we manufacture transmission and reflection gratings and grating-based systems that meet or exceed our customers’ specifications.


Blazed and Slanted Masters

Holographix has developed an Ion Beam Micro-Milling process to create large area blazed and slanted grating masters from our internally produced binary grating replicas. Blazed and slanted gratings have been produced for a variety of product applications where high diffraction efficiency is required.

Binary/E-beam Masters

E-beam written and reactive-ion-etched quartz and silicon masters are typically relief gratings with rectangular profiles. In cooperation with our partners, we provide access to a variety of fabrication technologies, including:

  • 193 nm step and scan lithography
  • Scanning beam interference lithography
  • Gaussian e-beam lithography
  • Variable shaped e-beam lithography

Ruled Masters

Holographix provides access to ruled masters for use in a variety of applications and spectral regions. Holographix has access to custom ruled masters on both flat and curved substrates. This allows us to produce custom replicated ruled gratings for use in a variety of applications and spectral regions.

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Please Contact Our Experts to Discuss Your Requirements.


Please Contact Our Experts to Discuss Your Requirements.