Holographix has been in operation since 1985. Over the past 20+ years, the company has been focused on producing high-quality diffraction gratings for both internal optical designs as well as for customers seeking custom production gratings and grating assemblies. More recently, Holographix has expanded into other areas that benefit from our unique replication capabilities. Those areas include micro- and nano-structure replication as well as non-grating optical applications. Below is a brief historical timeline for the company.

Holographix Logo 1985


Holographix, Inc. Is Incorporated
The original corporation, Holographix, Inc., is founded to develop and produce custom holographic-based scanning solutions.


Holographix, Inc. Moves to 5,000 Square Foot Facility in Hudson, MA


Holographix Announces Grating Replication Services
Holographix announces grating replication services based on technology developed to lower cost of scanning devices.


Holographix Announces Mirror Replication Services
Replication minimizes system cost, reduces weight of the final component, and significantly simplifies system design by eliminating glass mirrors and placing the mirror surface directly onto the metal mount.


Holographix, Inc. is Acquired by Avanex Corp.
The acquisition of Holographix is of great strategic importance to Avanex vision of significantly reducing the cost per wavelength for service providers. “This partnership with the leading developer of photonic processors gives us the opportunity to leverage the technological assets at Avanex to develop next-generation products,” said David Rowe, President of Holographix.


ISO 9001 Certification Achieved
Avanex’ Hudson facility’s quality management system is now officially compliant with the ISO 9001 standard.


Thin-film Optical Coating Capability Added
A new Denton Infinity22 boxcoater with both thermal and ebeam evaporation, and ion assist is installed at Avanex’ Hudson Facility.


Company Re-acquired by Previous Management to Form Holographix LLC


Transmission Gratings Pass Telcordia Tests
Holographix announces the availability of replicated transmission gratings for use in telecom applications. High efficiency diffraction gratings that pass the demanding Telcordia (Bellcore) temperature and humidity testing requirement can be produced in OEM production quantities.


Holographix Wins Long Term Supplier Contract With PerkinElmer
Holographix signs multi-million dollar production supply agreement with PerkinElmer.


First Replicated Diffractive Waveguide Fabricated For HMD Application


Holographix Expands With New Nano-Replication Labs
The addition of these labs increases capacity by 50% allowing the company to accommodate increasing demand for nano- and micro-structure replicated templates and finished products.


First Replicated Diffractive Waveguide Fabricated For HUD Application


Holographix Announces Blazed Grating Capability


Holographix Achieves ITAR Registration
Holographix becomes ITAR registered with the United States government.


Holographix Enters Microlens Array (MLA) Market


Holographix Expands to 12,500 Square Feet


Wafer-level Defect Inspection Capability Added


Capability Added to Fabricate Custom Optics up to 350mm x 600mm in Size


Slanted Grating Manufacturing Capability Added
Holographix develops large area slanted grating capability using our proprietary polymers and Ion Milling process.

Dicing Machine


Wafer Dicing Capability Added


ISO 9001: 2008 Certification Achieved


Holographix Wins BAE Systems’ Product Innovation Award
Holographix LLC has been chosen by BAE Systems (UK) as the 2016 Product Innovation Award winner at their recent Electronics Systems Supplier Conference! This award was presented to Holographix in light of the numerous innovative solutions that Holographix has provided over the last 10 years while supporting the development and manufacture of BAESystems’ custom see-through optical waveguides for their LiteHUD® Head-Up Display (HUD)product, as well as their Q-Sight®/Q-Warrior® Helmet-Mounted Display (HMD)products.

confocal Microscope


Confocal Microscopy Capability Added
Keyence’s VK-X260K Violet Laser Confocal Microscope is installed to support Holographix’ growing custom microlens array business.


Holographix Wins BAE Systems’ Gold Supplier Award
Holographix LLC, is presented with a BAE Systems’ 2017 Gold Supplier Award. BAE Systems’ Electronic Systems sector, based in Nashua, New Hampshire, presents this award to suppliers that consistently provide high quality, on-time delivery of cost-effective products. Holographix has successfully achieved the required performance with a 100% quality rating, and a 100% on-time delivery for 2017.


Holographix Moves to New State-of-the-art facility in Marlborough
The 15,000 square foot facility is equipped with 6 custom cleanrooms built with an emphasis on improving both quality and efficiency. The new facility allows Holographix to better serve their growing customer base as the company continues to expand their manufacturing capacity to meet a growing demand for their custom products.


ISO 9001: 2015 Certification Achieved
Holographix has successfully completed its certification audit conducted by NQA, and our quality management system is now officially compliant with the new ISO 9001:2015 standard.


Large Format Optical Coating Capability Added
Vacuum Process Technologies’ Citation 45 Precision Optical Coating System is installed and operational at Holographix.


Holographix Becomes a Headwall Group Company
The Headwall Group of companies are focused on the development and sale of hyperspectral imaging products and technology for widespread use in markets such as remote sensing, industrial machine vision, and general research, as well as designing and manufacturing precision optical components and assemblies in volume to meet the needs of our OEM customers’ instrumentation for a variety of uses.