Diffuser Array Sampler 1° to 2°

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Diffuser Array Sampler (1° to 2°)

Diffuser Sampler Properties
Diffuser areas (4): 10mm square (see layout below)
Substrate size: 76.2mm square **
Substrate material: 1.1mm Corning 1737F glass **
Diffuser material: polymer-on-glass
Refractive index: 1.51 ** @ 633nm
Transmission spectrum: 400-2200nm
Diffuser output shape: circular / hexagonal (see images)
Divergence angles: 1° and 2° (see images)
Price $495 USD

Note: Specifications marked with two asterisks (**) can be modified upon request. Please add your request into the Comments/Requests box and we will contact you to discuss options and pricing.

Output of Diffuser Array Sampler with Incoherent Illumination

Diffuser array sample

Diffuser Sampler Layout

Diffuser sampler 1 to 2 layout

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