Diffraction Grating Applications

Examples of grating-based products designed and manufactured by Holographix include:

Telecommunication Gratings

Telecom applications require gratings with:


  • very low polarization dependent loss (PDL)
  • high diffraction efficiency
  • high grating to grating repeatability
  • insensitivity to extreme environmental conditions


A telecom manufacturer of tunable wavelength products has determined through rigorous trials that Holographix’ replicated gratings for dense wavelength-division multiplexers (DWDM) exceed Bellcore 1221 requirements while providing a more economical and more repeatable solution than master holographic gratings. At Holographix, we produce not only high-quality replicas, but also the masters required for replica production.

Encoder Gratings


Diffraction-based encoders are used in the motion control, data storage, telecommunications, and semiconductor processing industries. The gratings used in these encoders must be produced to exacting tolerances in order to achieve performance necessary for these products to be successful.

The grating’s depth and pitch must be rigorously controlled during manufacturing. Fractions-of-a-micron errors can cause significant degradation in the encoder’s performance. Also, imperfections in the gratings as small as 0.1 mm are unacceptable because they cause dead zones in the encoder where position cannot be read.

Since the late 1990s, Holographix has manufactured 1000’s of encoder gratings with production yields exceeding 95%. Replicated encoder gratings manufactured by Holographix are part of MicroE’s successful volume-manufactured encoder line. MicroE has come to trust Holographix as their preferred supplier of encoder gratings.

See also publication “Replication of High Fidelity Surface Relief Structures”.

Spectroscopic Gratings


Spectroscopy is a typical application in which diffraction gratings play an essential role. Holographix designs and produces custom gratings for spectroscopy which operate at customer defined spectral regions from UV to IR. Our in-house mastering and replication labs produce state-of-the-art holographic gratings, which are often preferred over ruled gratings in spectroscopic applications due to their low stray light performance.

Please Contact Our Experts to Discuss Your Requirements.


Please Contact Our Experts to Discuss Your Requirements.