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Front of Holographix Building

Holographix LLC is the industry leader in nano- and micro-replication. Our proprietary replication technology enables us to produce state-of-the-art structured surfaces and optical devices that are used in a wide array of industries including spectroscopy, life sciences, semiconductor, aerospace, defense, display, telecommunication, metrology, and precision measurement. In July of 2022, Holographix became part of the Headwall group of companies.

Custom Photonic Solutions

Over the past 25 years, Holographix has earned a reputation for providing customers with high performance, custom designed and manufactured photonic solutions for a wide range of applications. Custom binary and blazed gratings, microlens arrays, and diffractive waveguides are our main focus. However, knowledge gained during the development of these custom devices has enabled many technological advancements in other areas requiring nano- and micro-replication. Therefore, if you require a custom nano-or micro-structured surface of any kind, please contact us!

15,000 Square Foot Facility In Marlborough, MA

Holographix is located 25 miles west of Boston in Marlborough, Massachusetts (see directions). Our 15,000 square foot facility is equipped with 6 custom cleanrooms designed specifically to accommodate our substrate cleaning and UV replication processes. The facility is also equipped with thin-film coating and sputtering systems, phase-shifting interferometers, laser systems, spectrophotometers, and a full line of other metrology tools required to manufacture high quality custom replicated optics. Holographix uses a variety of software tools to model the performance of optical systems and components such as diffraction gratings and microlens arrays. With a company-wide emphasis on quality, Holographix maintains a rigorous ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Assurance program.




Holographix’ Mission

“Holographix’ Mission is to be the number one supplier of custom replicated optics and grating based sub-systems in the United States by providing high quality products and superior service. We will strive to continually improve and expand our existing technologies as well as our manufacturing capabilities to allow us to provide the highest quality products and services at a competitive price that is profitable for the company. In all transactions with both customers and suppliers, we will exhibit a high degree of professionalism and integrity. Under no circumstances will these standards be compromised.”

Jim Gareau

Holographix’ Values

Core Values Compass

We treat each customer, employee, supplier and business associate with the following core values:

  • We believe that creativity and continuous innovation are key to our success.
  • We do not compromise product quality and customer satisfaction.
  • We act with openness, fairness, and honesty.
  • We value teamwork, and respect individual contributions.
  • We honor our commitments fully and in a timely manner.
  • Our ultimate objective is to grow the value of the company.

Please Contact Our Experts to Discuss Your Requirements.


Please Contact Our Experts to Discuss Your Requirements.