Custom Diffractive Optical Elements

Diffractive Optical Elements (DOEs) are optical components with a micro or nano structured surface, which diffracts light incident onto this surface. The placement, size and shape of these structured surfaces determine how the diffracted light will be affected. The term DOE is typically used to describe an optic that is designed to diffract a monochromatic incident light source into a specific image or pattern. DOEs are commonly used to split a single beam into multiple beams or to shape a beam into a specific pattern. DOEs can also be used to shape the output distribution of a laser beam into a specific distribution profile.

Diffractive Optical Element Function

Diffractive Optical Elements are progressively replacing traditional refractive optics. They are flatter, thinner, and lighter, contributing to smaller optical systems. By incorporating DOEs into the design, engineers are able to develop innovative, high performance, extremely robust, and accurate optical systems.

Custom, Cost-Effective, High Performance

A Wide Range of Custom DOEs:

Our extensive fabrication capabilities include (but are not limited to): beam splitters, beam shapers (top-hat), homogenizers/diffusers, multi-focal, beam samplers, vortex lenses and more. Our custom DOEs are manufactured to exacting tolerances and in a wide variety of component shapes and sizes.

Cost-Effective Solutions:

Holographix’ replication process is economically scalable for volume manufacturing. Production quantities ranging from 100 individual components to 10,000 wafers per year can be accommodated.

A Range of Lenslet Materials:

Proprietary replication materials are available in refractive indices ranging from 1.4 to 1.7.

Reflow Compatibility:

Suitable for assemblies requiring solder reflow.

Diffractive Optical Elements SEM

Diffractive Optical Element

Diffractive Optical Elements SEM

Diffractive Optical Element

DOE Applications:

  • 3D Time-of-Flight Sensing Systems
  • 3D Sensing Systems
  • Display and HUD Imaging Systems
  • Illumination Systems
  • Laser Material Processing
  • LIDAR Systems
  • Medical Laser Systems
  • Semiconductor Wafer Inspection
  • Reticles
  • Scanning Solutions

DOE Production Expertise:

  • 1D and 2D Spot Generators
  • Beam Shapers
  • Beam Samplers
  • Beam Splitters
  • Diffusers with Top Hat Distribution
  • Line Generators
  • Multifocal Spot Generators
  • Random and Defined Pattern Generators

Holographix’ Diffractive Optical Element Specifications:

The range of custom Diffractive Optical Elements specifications that we can support include:

Specifications Capabilities
DOE size: High resolution up to 180 mm, larger may be possible
Individual structure size (min x/y): <100nm
Optical transmission: >99% from 400 nm to 2.6 um
Refractive index: 1.4 to 1.7 (multiple materials available)
Temperature range: -50° C to 260° C (solder reflow compatible)
Damage threshold: >1 MW/cm²
Chemical resistance: most common solvents


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Diffractive Optical Elements
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Why Choose Holographix As Your Diffractive Optical Element Supplier?


Holographix has the capability and experience to deliver cost-effective, high-quality custom solutions. Holographix builds on 25 years of experience meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations, by providing cutting-edge products on time and on budget. Let our engineering team help you turn your DOE design into a successful product.


A Full Range of DOE Master Patterning Options

Holographix works closely with patterning industry leaders, often pushing the boundaries of what is possible in mastering. We offer access to a full range of advanced mastering options including greyscale lithography, laser writing, and e-beam writing, ensuring that the proper technology is used for your application.


High Fidelity DOE Replication

Holographix offers high fidelity, custom replicated solutions. Our proprietary replication process provides a cost-effective alternative to competing manufacturing processes. The inherent repeatability of the replication process also eliminates inconsistencies associated with other forms of production.


Opto-Mechanical Assemblies

Holographix is well positioned to add value to your custom designed DOEs by taking them through the next steps in your assembly process. Holographix has the capability and experience required to support your production requirements, ranging from simple component/mount assemblies to more complex assemblies involving the build-out of fully aligned optical systems.


Please Contact Our Experts to Discuss Your Requirements.


Please Contact Our Experts to Discuss Your Requirements.