Wafer-Level Capability

Holographix has extensive experience in the design and fabrication of high quality custom replicated optics at an economical price. Our wafer-level manufacturing capability continues the progression of this philosophy by allowing us to further reduce component pricing without sacrificing performance or reliability. Our customers continue to benefit from the performance they have come to expect of our replicated optics, with the added assurance that Holographix has the capacity to quickly scale up to satisfy their high volume production requirements.

The Holographix Advantage

  • Reliable Supply Chain: Consolidate your supply chain. Holographix is your single supplier through the entire product build cycle, from development to diced components.
  • Cost Effective Solution: Holographix’ manufacturing technology is compatible with 200mm and 300mm diameter wafer processing.
  • Repeatable Performance: The inherent repeatability of Holographix’ replication process ensures specifications are maintained, wafer-to-wafer, and die-to die.
  • Reflow Compatible: Suitable for assemblies requiring solder reflow.
  • High Laser Damage Threshold: Suitable for high energy density applications.

Product Specifications:

The range of wafer-level product specifications that we can support include:

Standard Wafer-Level Optics Properties

Surface Relief Feature Type: microlens arrays, blazed or binary gratings, pillar or hole patterns, prisms, and custom features
Minimum Feature Size: 10 nanometers
Wafer Size: up to 300mm diameter
Wafer Material: customer specified
Maximum Transmission: >99% with AR coating
Transmission Spectrum: 400 to 2200 nm
Temperature Range: -50º C to 260º C (solder reflow compatible)
Chemical Resistance: most common solvents
Damage Threshold: >1 MW/cm^2