Replicated Gratings

Holographix manufactures diffraction gratings using our proprietary replication technology. Gratings are replicated from a master mold, which in many cases is custom made, or provided by the customer.

Holographix’ replication process is suitable for a wide spectrum of groove profiles including:

  • sinusoidal
  • rectangular (binary)
  • blazed
  • multilevel
  • hybrid
  • high aspect ratio

For both transmission and reflection applications.

Our custom replication material allows us to produce exceptionally durable diffraction gratings. Holographix' replicas are highly scratch resistant, are able to withstand temperatures greater than 200° C, and are chemically resistant to the most common organic and inorganic solvents. Our replication material's high optical transmission throughout the visible and NIR spectra allows our replicated gratings to operate effectively in both transmission and reflection.

Typical Replicated Grating Properties:

Replica material
Temperature range: -50° C to >200° C
Humidity range: 0 to 95% continuous
Chemical resistance: impervious to degradation by solvent, acid, and alkaline environments
Transmission gratings  
Optical transmission: <99% from 420 nm to 2.2 µm
Refractive index @ 546nm: 1.517
Reflection gratings  
Reflection coating: aluminum
Dielectric protective overcoat: silicon oxide
  silicon dioxide
  magnesium fluoride
  aluminum oxide