Meet the Staff

David Rowe - President/CEO

David Rowe – President/CEO

David has been employed at Holographix for over 30 years playing an active role in technology, business development, and operations. He has been a key contributor to, and author of, Holographix’ patents and has been instrumental in the development and improvement of Holographix’ proprietary replication technology for the manufacture of surface relief-based optical components and sub-systems including diffraction gratings, waveguides and micro-lens array-based devices. David has an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the company both technical and operational. He has hands-on experience in the mastering and replication of diffraction gratings and other optical components and has theoretical system and component design experience. Previously he was employed at Honeywell Electro-Optics Division, Millipore Corporation, and Avanex Corporation (now Oclaro).

David Millet - Chairman

David F. Millet – Chairman

David has worked with Holographix for over 25 years in a number of different roles that included member of the board of directors, President and CEO, and currently, Chairman. During this time, David has played an active role helping management to define the overall direction of the company. His participation has included numerous trips both inside the U.S. as well as overseas to market Holographix’ technology and to negotiate contracts. Currently, David is a Managing Director (and a founder) of Gemini Investors, a Small Business Investment Company “SBIC”, which invests in growing companies in a wide range of businesses throughout the United States. Prior to joining Gemini Investors, Mr. Millet had over nine years of private company investing experience, with Chatham Venture Corporation (“Chatham”) which managed the Japhet US Venture Capital Fund, Ltd., based in Jersey, the Channel Islands. Chatham invested in venture capital opportunities throughout the United States in the software, data communications and telecommunications markets. Prior to joining Chatham, he held senior operating positions in Continuing Care Associates and NEC Electronics and before that he spent nine years with Arthur D. Little, Inc. a leading technical and management consulting firm.

Russ Kerr - Production Coordination Manager

Russell E. Kerr – Production Coordination Manager

Russ has been employed at Holographix for the past 14 years. He has 38 years of experience manufacturing photonic components and assemblies through a variety of disciplines. A hands-on manager intimately familiar with conventional polishing, diamond turning, thermal set and UV cure replication, he has supported all functions of the manufacturing process. Russ’ training began at Applied Optics Center (Acquired by Varo Inc. 1984) as a machine operator in the diamond turning department working his way through to Journeyman Optician, Manufacturing Supervisor, and Quality Control Department Manager. As a Quality Specialist at Litton’s ITEK Optical Systems Division, starting in 1985, he honed his skills in alignment, test and measurement of optical components and assemblies including participation in the fabrication of the primary mirror segments for the Keck Observatory Telescopes. Previous to Holographix, Russ spent 14 years with Optical Replication Center Inc. (Opticon Corp., acquired by Thermo Environmental 1999) in a number of roles including Quality Manager, Replication Department Director, and Director of Manufacturing.

Steve Gauthier - Quality Assurance Manager

Steve Gauthier – Quality Assurance Manager / Environmental Health & Safety Manager

Steve has been employed at Holographix for 6 years as the manager of the Quality Department. Steve has over 20 years of experience working with the ISO 9001 standard as well as experience with AS9100 and ISO 13485. As a result of this experience, Steve has been instrumental in guiding Holographix thru the audit process for certification to ISO 9001:2008 in November, 2015 and most recently for certification to ISO 9001:2015 in July, 2018.

Previously he was employed at several other Massachusetts-based companies in various technical and quality roles. These included: Microsemi Corporation, as Product Assurance Manager, Whalley Computer Associates, as Quality Assurance Manager, and Analogic Corporation, as a Quality Engineer in their bomb-scanner manufacturing facility and in their medical products division. Other previous employers include Agilent Technologies and the United States Air Force.

Jesse Van Ven Roy - Senior Program Manager

Jesse Van Ven Roy - Senior Program Manager

Jesse has been employed at Holographix for 6 years playing an active role in technology, business development, and program management. He has extensive experience managing all aspects of complex programs including our HUD and HWD waveguide development programs. Jesse brings 15+ years of optical engineer/program management experience to Holographix, and was previously employed at Adaptive Optics Associates (a Northrop Grumman SBU) as a Principal Optical Engineer, where he was responsible for all technical aspects of several Government and Commercial programs, including diagnostic/alignment subassemblies for the National Ignition Facility (NIF), and programs related to Directed Energy technology. Other previous employers include Melles Griot (now IDEX) and Corning, Inc.

Bill DiPippo - Opto-Mechanical Engineering Manager

Bill DiPippo - Opto-Mechanical Engineering Manager

Bill has been employed at Holographix for over 7 years. During this time, he has played an active role in the development and automation of Holographix’ replication and assembly technologies. In 2017, Bill was promoted to Opto-Mechanical Engineering Manager. In this role, Bill is leading his team of engineers, and working closely with other department managers, engineers, and technicians, to develop new processes and tools to support Holographix’ continuous technology advancement.

Previously, Bill held the role of Opto-Mechanical Engineer at Holographix. Prior to joining Holographix, Bill obtained his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Rhode Island.

Seth Palo - Production Supervisor

Seth Palo - Production Supervisor

Seth Palo has over a decade of experience in manufacturing optics, semiconductors, and thin film coatings. Prior to his current position, Seth held positions of Lead Production Technician and Senior Production Technician at Holographix. Before that, Seth held multiple technical positions at a large photonics company where he worked for 12 years developing his manufacturing skills. During his tenure there, he helped to refine their manufacturing processes, improving yield and efficiency, which led to increased profitability. Seth works with his production team as well as management to ensure that Holographix delivers on our customer commitments, and he continuously works to refine, innovate, and improve our manufacturing processes using enhanced training techniques and a team-based approach to problem solving.