Company History

Holographix has been in operation since 1985. Over the past 20+ years, the company has been focused on producing high-quality diffraction gratings for both internal optical designs as well as for customers seeking custom production gratings and grating assemblies. More recently, Holographix has expanded into other areas that benefit from our unique replication capabilities. Those areas include micro- and nano-structure replication as well as non-grating optical applications. Below is a brief historical timeline for the company.


The original corporation, Holographix, Inc., is founded to develop and produce custom holographic-based scanning solutions. Successes in the '90s include the Barco Lithosetter® computer-to-plate imagesetting device as well as the Holix® family of non-contact measurement gauges.


Holographix announces optical replication services based on technology developed to produce optical components for in-house optical system manufacturing.


Holographix is acquired by Avanex Corporation, a manufacturer of optical networking components. From 2000-2002 the Hudson, Massachusetts facility operates as Avanex' Precision Optics Replication Group, supplying Avanex with holographic gratings for DWDM.


Amidst reduced demand for DWDM, Holographix' original management team re-acquires the group from Avanex.


With a dedicated, experienced staff, state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment, committed owners, and loyal customers, Holographix LLC proudly offers its replication services to companies seeking high-fidelity micro- and nano-structured surfaces, replicated optical components and optical assemblies.